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RAIN ROUTE:  From Northwest Little League, the route goes out onto Poss Rd. and then turns left onto Cherryleaf St. Follow the route through the Grass Valley neighborhood, and then turn right onto Evers Rd.

Run downhill to the Leon Valley Library at Alley Kinman. Turn left and follow the route around the Leon Valley Community Center and Conference Center.

Turn right onto Evers and then cross Evers to enter Raymond Rimkus Park. Follow the paved path to the right and go around the outer perimeter of the park until you reach the Community Garden. Continue on out of the park at Forest Meadow where the water station will be located. 

Turn left onto Sunlight and run around the Sun Valley neighborhood. Go back into the park at Forest Meadow, and this time turn right on the path toward the tennis courts. Follow the path up towards Evers, and then turn left to go back around the park, this time exiting at the parking lot.

Go out to Poss Road, turn left, and follow the road back to the Northwest Little League and the finish line.

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