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We have a subfloor!

The subfloor project in the living room of the Huebner-Onion Homestead is complete! This project required     several steps.  We needed to excavate the dirt in the living room, taking time and care to search for artifacts, which we did find, and which will be reported on at our upcoming Meet and Greet on March 21 (details follow). We also needed to install a cement brace around the perimeter of the room for the subfloor to rest on, vent the floors, and wire for electricity in preparation for the next steps in the renovation. We currently are working on a grant proposal to tackle the dining room and kitchen subfloors. Thank you to our contractors AO Design and  Construction, Danysh & Associates, Inc., Davila Electric and Mainstreet Architects. Thank you to our board member Ruth Lyle for taking the lead on this project.

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